Saturday 26 February 2011

Going snowboarding?

Not just the cover, but also the contents of this book - another reprint of Paul White the Jungle Doctor - are in a very different style from the Jungle Doctor or Fables series.  Written for older youth this book has nothing to do with snowboarding but is essentially a practical guide for Christian living.  Paul White speaks of his own conversion and uses anecdotes from his own life and missionary days to illustrate his points.  Solidly sensible advice is given on a huge variety of topics such as regular Bible reading & prayer, money, guidance, careers, marriage, the occult and much more.
I have to admit, after the first few chapters I was decidedly negative about the book.  For one, he quotes a lot of Scripture - not a problem for me except that he insists on using the Phillips translation which is essentially a paraphrased version of the Bible and not to my taste.  Secondly, there was a distinctly Free Will element to some of his writings which jarred with my Free Grace views. Gradually though, his down to earth style won me over and I do think that with careful and discerning reading, this immensely practical book could be really helpful.  The publishers say that it is suitable for 12+yrs.  I think I would be more cautious and say 16+yrs.
Get Moving by Paul White, published by Christian Focus Publications, £4.99

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