Wednesday 23 February 2011

Time Travel

Lorna is just back from the Elizabethan age. It has inspired her dress sense. Just look what you poor unfortunates miss by not seeing her at the counter! I only hope her management attitude hasn't been influenced as well or else I might be the victim of a Tudor temper... I don't want to prejudice my case any further, but it rather reminds me of the cover picture of Lady Jane Grey on 'Coronation of Glory.' A lot of English people immediately think Faith Cook in connection with her, but Elisabeth Elliot (no less) raved about this book by Deborah Meroff. 'Miss Meroff…has fictionalized the story of Lady Jane Grey in a thoroughly absorbing manner…she has succeeded in making me believe this is what really happened. I kept wanting to read on – the book is full of action and interest.'
Soberly published by Inheritance Publications, £8.50. Try doing some time travel for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Very smart Lorna, you've got to tell us where the photo was taken though - was it on a half term day out this last week?

Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

She must have been in the Tower. It has one undeniable advantage for short breaks - silence!