Wednesday 9 March 2011

Christian Unity

It is now exactly 30 years since the death of Dr D Martyn Lloyd-Jones. He was a champion of expository preaching, but not dry, like so many that have tried to emulate him since. I think his Ephesians series is one of his best. It was preached on Sunday mornings between 1954 - 1962, and is available in an 8 volume set. Lorna and I found Vol 6, 'Life in the Spirit in marriage, home and work' of great profit in the run up to getting married (on that amazing day in August 2000!)
Vol 4, 'Christian Unity' is very applicable to today's christian world. It covers Ephesians 4:1-16 - the start of the more 'practical' second half of the epistle. However Lloyd-Jones shows that the vital doctrines defined earlier underpin the issues handled in this part of the epistle. One subject, of intense interest to churches and their members, is that of unity. The tragedy of the church by and large today is that it has placed unity above truth. Thus the ecumenical movement prevails, while at the same time it fails when examined by biblical testing. Lloyd-Jones correctly analysed the situation 50 years ago and it is only different today by being worse. I find these sermons are not too long, and engage without being taxing. They are bound in a good quality hardback by Banner of Truth, but with a forgettable dustjacket - hence no cover picture shown here! The price is £16, but if you get hold of us quick enough we have a copy of Vol 4 with a slightly faded spine on sale at half price.

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