Friday 11 March 2011

World Book Day Vouchers

Though World Book Day was actually back on March 3rd, the good news is that you can redeem book vouchers all month. Most children will have got one by now, and they are worth £1 off any book. Strictly it is only applicable to books costing over £2.99, but we are generous here...we'll bring that down to £1.99. So you can get a good read for as low as 99p! What do we have at that price? Well, just for example, The Essential Bible Reference series from Candle is a great option for getting background helps to bible study, in a colourful and readable way. Matt went for one of these, so they are suitable for around 6 years plus, and I am not ashamed to dip in and learn either! Ignore the 11+ years tag on our website catalogue - that's dreamt up by Lorna! Just type in 'Bible Guide', for instance, in the Quicksearch box on our home page and Tim Dowley's book will come up. Click to get all the details and a picture of it, and then if you click on the 'Series' box a full list of all the others will appear. Bob's your Uncle. Go for it - .

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