Thursday 30 June 2011

Books into schools

Back in April we teamed up with the youth worker at our local Anglican church on an initiative to get good Christian books into the local primary schools.  Yesterday we received a pile of thank you letters from the pupils of one of the schools.  We really enjoyed reading through them all and would like to share some of the enthusiasm... (spelling mistakes just add to the charm, all you need to do is read with a Northern accent to really get the message!)
"We would like to say a huge thank you for the books you gave us for ower libary, ower book's we had befor were great but your book's are wonderful"
"Thank you for giving us them free books."
"It was very nice of you to give some books to us I havent read a Book yet but Recan they are gona be Fab, they look really good exspeasli the Jungle Doct's Fables"
"Every week every class goes to Library and that's where the awsome books are kept."
"Thank you for all these amazing books what I'm dyeing to to read all aspsely Water or Goo and Jungle docters fables"
"even thow I have not had the chance to get my hand's on I will one day they look fantastic"
"I want to eny one of them as long as it is a funny on I am ful of funnynes"
"Thank you for the book's like Danger and dedkation [Danger and Dedication] when that is free I will try and get it and book's mak leaning fun.  I am shor i will like it" 
Aren't they great?  and who says children don't read nowadays?
How refreshing!

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