Thursday 23 June 2011

Think Bookshop, Think Bike

Did you know that this week (18th - 25th June) is designated Independent Booksellers Week? Indies, as they are known, are putting on a splash to remind the public that bookshops do still exist, and can provide a unique service that Amazon or even Tesco cannot match. Events are planned for this week, offers, reading groups...whatever the ingenuity of the managers can conjure up. But it's tough just to survive in the current climate, so you may have to travel a bit to find an Indie and admire the special window displays. How will you travel there I wonder? Co-incidentally it is also Team Green Britain Bike Week as well, and they have all sorts of promos going on to get the nation cycling. So fight obesity! Get your rusting bike out of the garage and do a perfect double whammy - cycle to your local bookshop. Especially if it's a Christian Bookshop! Just think of the health benefits for mind and body... Amazon, etc, promote laziness on both counts. You slouch at a computer and locate a title for purchase which you have been recommended to. No chance to look through it and compare it with others on the same subject, within the pleasant ambience and the informed advice to be found at a well run bricks and mortar bookshop. And, yes, there even are books to be found there which will be cheaper than on Amazon. To prove it check out:
Remember to include Amazon's postage costs.

Katie goes for bricks and books...
Just needs to work on her cycling!


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