Wednesday 15 February 2012


To be on or not to be on, that is the question that still exercises many people. And rightly so. How much of your private life do you want to open up, and is anybody interested anyway? However, I have set up a personal profile, which is not one that I utilise except for the purpose of being permitted thereby to operate a page for the Bookshop. This has been going for some time now, and both Lorna and I contribute almost daily. This blog feeds to it, but it is the day to day activities we mention there - news, humour, opinions, photos, book alerts etc. With our 'likes' increasing, more interaction is happening. Please consider liking us yourself if on facebook. You are not visible to anyone else but us! However, if you are not on, you can still view the page. We now have a clear cut web address to save to your favourites:

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