Wednesday 29 February 2012

World Book Day!

It's World Book Day (WBD) tomorrow.  It happens every year and it's back again!  The aim is that all children get a voucher for £1 which will encourage them to head to their nearest bookshop to browse the literary gems available!  Hopefully they take an adult with them who also might be tempted to buy a book (because in our experience it's children's books that sell but not adult books - but that's a whole other discussion!).
In our shop we have a very special offer for anyone wanting to spend their WBD voucher.  We have a great little book called 'Pitfall!' which we have promoted for many years and will continue to promote because we love it!  It's a short fictional story based on the gritty & grimy times of coal mining in the Industrial Revolution. Gripping but thought provoking, this book attracts all ages & the illustrations are often especially remarked on as being incredibly evocative. Read a full review. For our mail order customers we are willing to swallow the postage on this one, so send in your vouchers & 'Pitfall!' will be in the return post!
If that doesn't grab you then you can redeem your voucher against any other book in the shop which costs more than £2.50.  There's plenty to go at!
By the way, the vouchers are given out in schools - does this mean that homeschooled children miss out? Does anyone know? Can anyone help me on this one??

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Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

Just to confirm, homeschoolers who are members of Home Service ( can obtain WBD vouchers from them.