Saturday 3 March 2012

Cruciform Press

Who's heard of Cruciform Press?  It is the publishing brainchild of popular Canadian blogger Tim Challies ( & 2 of his friends.  Their vision is simple: they aim to publish books which are helpful, inspiring, biblical & gospel focused.  In that vision, you could say they are no different to many other evangelical publishers.  However, this publishing business began in the 21st Century (October 2010) with 21st Century technology & endeavours to make full use of it.  They publish one short book a month, on the first of each month, each with the same price, each available either in print format, a variety of ebook formats or as an audiobook.  The books cover a variety of topics (e.g. Marriage, backsliding, disability, grief) and use a variety of authors, some well known here in the UK (e.g. Joel Beeke, Al Martin) others not so well known (e.g. Greg Lucas, Casey Lute).
We decided it was about time we took a look at these new books & have just received stock of our first batch. Here they are...
Wrestling with an Angel - A story of love, disability and the lessons of grace, by Greg Lucas
"But God..." - The two words at the heart of the gospel, by Casey Lute
Friends and Lovers - Cultivating companionship and intimacy in marriage, by Joel R Beeke
Getting Back in the Race - The cure for backsliding, by Joel R Beeke
Grieving, Hope and Solace - When a loved one dies in Christ, by Albert N Martin
The Organised Heart - A woman's guide to conquering chaos, by Staci Eastin
So far I have read 'Wrestling with an Angel'.  Within the space of the hour that it took to read I found myself going through a whole range of emotions - Greg Lucas writes honestly about the difficulties he and his family have been through (continue to go through) with their child who has disabilities.  But we don't just read his life story, this is really a book that examines God's Word in the light of life's difficulties and comes through shining with God's grace.  I found it emotionally moving and spiritually searching.
Next, I have picked up 'The Organised Heart' (I had to really didn't I?!).  I'm only half way through the second chapter about being a perfectionist & already finding too much that rings true to be comfortable!
These titles are available to order from our site (although I don't have full pics & descriptions on there yet) at introductory prices of £5.99 each. They're worth trying out!

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