Saturday 12 May 2012

Bible Doctrines Simply Explained

This book has been around for donkey's years (I remember reading it as a child!) but I picked it up recently for a re-read, and what a refreshing read it has been!  Mr Ramsbottom in his own inimitable style makes the hardest of doctrines simple to understand. His language is clear, his approach is conversational and he peppers each chapter with illustrations.  Bible Doctrines Simply Explained covers the basics about God, the Bible, Creation and Man, then moves on to harder topics of Election, Redemption, Sanctification and Providence with many other essential subjects covered inbetween. Each chapter ends with suggested Scripture readings.  This is a book that is neither too highbrow for a child nor too patronizing for a questioning adult and I would be just as happy to recommend this to my children as to a casual acquaintance who is interested to know more.
Please don't judge this book by its cover - it's a lot better than that!
Bible Doctrines Simply Explained, B A Ramsbottom, published by Gospel Standard Publications, £1.95

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Daniel Oliver said...

Sometimes wondered if modern ministers should be made to read this and take a short exam to prove they've understood before venturing in the pulpit!? Clear enough for the children to understand; like you I came back to it after some years, having got it for my own kids, and it is a good read for any adult too.
Every Christian home should have one. Yours, Danny Oliver