Saturday 2 June 2012

We're not slacking - honest!

Big apologies for the lack of posts lately.  I won't list reasons, but suffice to say, 24hrs each day doesn't seem to be enough at the moment!

I took at least 4 books with me when I was on Jury service a few weeks back having been assured by many people that Jury service involves a lot of sitting around.  I did get through a few chapters of 'Keeping the Heart' by John Flavel (new reprint by Christian Focus) and was finding it very good, but then was kept too busy in court to get it finished.

We have an influx of new books too. Jeremy thrust into my hand today a new Crossway title 'A Woman's Wisdom - How the book of Proverbs speaks to everything' by Lydia Brownback.  It has a promising start in the first part 'What, exactly, is wisdom?' as Brownback explains that 'real wisdom is found only in Christ. Wisdom is the realization that he is everything.' This is a book I am planning to finish - one day!

I should also mention a new publisher that we have recently started stocking. Corner Pillar Press have published a few titles, mostly works by women - Susannah Spurgeon, Sarah Edwards, Ann Judson - names that are familiar to us because of their better known husbands.  Have a look at the titles on our site for more info.  Ann Judson is another book I have started & so far it is an incredible read - to think of the things these missionary wives had to cope with.  They were tough women indeed!

Now, here's to some proper reading over the Jubilee weekend... (or is that wishful thinking?)

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