Wednesday 20 June 2012

International Short Story Day

There seems to be a 'day' for pretty much everything now, but I thought I should make the most of International Short Story Day today to highlight some great Christian short stories! 
I read these two books quite a while back but I was gripped by them.  Each book focuses on a different historical age & the short stories are all very different, some are spine tinglers, some are weepies, some cliff hangers, but all have a message to tell about eternal truths learnt & trusted.  Geoff Thomas writes a great recommendation...
"Christine Farenhorst writes short stories with a pace, characterization, dialogue and subtlety that is quite outstanding.  She is a true writer and restores a delight in the gift of reading.  Children can read these stories, but I think they might have to tear them from the hands of their parents."
To which I say 'hear, hear!'
'Afterwards I Knew - Stories from the first and second world wars' and 'The Merciful Eye - stories from the Middle Ages' are both in our 11+ age category, and both cost £5.99

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