Thursday 18 October 2012

Rebels Rescued

This new book is subtitled 'A Student's Guide to Reformed Theology,' but I feel it could as easily be treated as a Beginner's Guide. Something to consider giving to a person enquiring about Calvinism from a position of ignorance, albeit rather 'hip'! But Brian Cosby really deals very faithfully and unflinchingly with his subject. He litters it with many illustrations, and anecdotes which are mainly US orientated, but this does not blunt the essential thrust of his points. He goes over the '5 Solas' and through the TULIP acrostic and leaves reflection questions at the end of each short chapter. I was more impressed by this little book than I expected to be.
'Rebels Rescued' by Brian Cosby. Published by Christian Focus Publications. £5.99 p/b.

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