Thursday 1 November 2012


Another fine book from Aaron Armstrong.  He doesn't try to be too trendy and flash, but he is contemporary and clear.  Although dealing mainly with Jude v3, and what it means to 'contend for the faith', you realise that he has virtually managed to walk you through the epistle by the end! The subtitle 'Defending the faith in a fallen world' would suggest a book on apologetics, but if that sounds remote and academic it is misleading.
This is his premise:
'Contending must be understood and exercised as an act of mercy toward those who doubt and those who have been deceived, regardless of whether they claim faith in Christ'. 
Not in a supercilious way, but in humility.  Nevertheless it is active, not passive, determined to give glory to God.  Pastors have a particular responsibility, but doing battle is unavoidable for every Christian.

Read this book if you are not sure what is worth contending for, (does everything come under the umbrella of 'the faith'?) and also if you are, so that you might be reinvigorated to go on 'speaking the truth in love'.
Contend. Aaron Armstrong. Cruciform Press. £6.50, p/b.

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