Tuesday 22 July 2014

How Can I Know For Sure?

David B Garner out of the Westminster Theological Seminary stable has written a little gem of an Apologetic. It is short and sweet. Step by step it progresses from the uncertainty associated with human reason to the certainty of God's revelation. He concludes that the answer to life's big questions must not come from us, but come to us. Philosophy proves nothing and, searchingly, 'at the end of the day there is the end of the day.' Garner touches on the place and importance of the general revelation of God in creation before coming onto the Bible, with God as its source. He briefly sets out its unique claims and internal evidences as the source of truth, but immediately and boldly asserts that this will never be capable of convincing anyone, not because it is not persuasive, but because man is blind - unable to accept divine truth. The work of the Holy Spirit in us, shining, and applying scripture powerfully is dwelt upon in a profitable and pleasing way by Garner at this point. He shows that God's purposes in revealing himself are sovereign and gracious. There are apposite quotes from Calvin and Zwingli.
I dare to think this to be a better booklet to read on ultimate questions than 'Ultimate Questions'! Blanchard's booklet may be said to aim for a response from people, but this is more faithful to their souls and doesn't deceptively 'leave the ball in their court.'
This is the latest in the 'Christian Answers to Hard Questions' series, by P & R Publishing and costs £3.99.

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