Wednesday 16 July 2014

Hannah Dunnett

'Christian' greetings cards - some people love them, some hate them.  We sell lots of greetings cards and because we are a Christian Bookshop they all have scripture texts in them.  Amazingly, although we don't showcase our greetings cards on our website, we still manage to sell a lot of them by mail order (mainly older folk who can't get to a shop and know we are willing to sit on the phone describing cards in detail and reading out the contents so they can make an informed choice!)
Last year we took on a new range of cards painted by artist Hannah Dunnett and these have been so popular I just had to get some pictures on here so a wider audience can see them... (click on each picture to be able to read the words clearly)

People buy these for all occasions, as gifts to go in a frame, or they order the poster sized prints from us. We can also get journals with these fantastic designs on.  Have a look at Hannah's website to see the full range.

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