Saturday 2 June 2018

GDP Arrrgh!

I'm sure all of us have had so many letters and emails in the last month relating to GDPR that it has become an ugly word!  For us the feeling has been magnified tenfold.  The time getting up to speed with the new data regulations, and following through on its implications for our small enterprise has been significant.  At the same time we appreciated the need for the new legislation and have embraced the opportunity to streamline our list of contacts to leave on it only those who really want to hear regularly from us.
We have now completed mail outs to all our customers (both snail-mail and email) to obtain explicit consent for receiving newsletters.  However the technical side of this has not run as smoothly as planned (hence scenes like the above in our office last week!).  So, if you did receive a GDPR email from us and clicked on the link to subscribe, be assured that your details have been registered even if you were confused about the form you were presented with afterwards.  We do apologise for this glitch.  But, if you received an email and it got lost amongst the plethora of other GDPR emails, please head to our website homepage and enter your email address to subscribe for our newsletters. 
We are legally prevented now from sending out reminders, but via this blog and social media our message to one and all is, if you want to hear of great book offers and reviews SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER!  You won't regret it!

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