Monday 16 April 2007

Don Fortner

Don Fortner, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Danville, Kentucky is due to preach at Egglesburn Baptist Church in Teesdale on Wednesday night (18/04/07), God willing. Anyone interested? Contact Peter Meney, Tel. 01833 650797 or email for details.
Don has written a number of books, all of which we stock. One Biblical Studies Series is called 'Discovering Christ in...' and he covers the books of Genesis, Ruth, Song of Solomon and Revelation.
I know that Lorna enjoyed the one on Ruth and used it as daily reading material.
As far as I am concerned, however, Don's greatest service to the Christian public was in instigating the project of republishing Dr Robert Hawker's commentary on the whole Bible (a 9 vol set). This is known as the 'Poor Man's Commentary', mainly because it was first issued in small portions to suit the pocket of the average worker in the early 1800s. But I like to think that it also refers to the fact that Hawker consistently points out the fullness of the love of Christ to the feelingly poor and needy sinner. We were glad to lend a hand in the republication work in 2005 by providing an original copy for scanning. We are one of the few stockists of this valuable commentary on this side of the Atlantic.

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