Saturday 14 April 2007

We Apologise...

As of 16th April visitors to the Shop will be unable to use the adjacent car park and toilets. Although we regret the inconvenience caused to our wonderful customers, please be assured that it is all in a very good cause. The (our) Chapel next to the Shop is being knocked down and rebuilt. Therefore the whole corner block between the Shop and Priory Road is going to be fenced off and turned into a building site for the next 6 months or so. Our children are so excited! Business will continue as usual at the Shop. For those who visit, easy free on-street parking can be found on Priory Road or on Queen's Crescent opposite.

We hope to be able to post regular progress photos on this blog, as the Shop waves goodbye to an old friend and then welcomes a new neighbour.
Here's one taken today showing daffodil salvage operations in advance of the demolition sub-contractor starting!

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