Wednesday 22 August 2007

Tobias Crisp

I (amongst others) was quite taken aback to come across this edition of a spiritually valuable book, and most curious to find out its background. We already have the 4 volume Gospel Mission edition, but this is a new production altogether. On getting some in stock, I find that it is published by Diggory Press located in Cornwall. But there the trail becomes difficult to follow. They are a print on demand set up, and do all sorts of book genres, although they do claim to be a Christian Company. The book is a single volume paperback containing all 52 sermons along with the comments by John Gill - hence quite a slab of a book. The text has been completely re-typeset, so it is superior to the GM edition in that respect. I would be extremely interested to know who was behind this little project - how gratifying to think that there is someone out there coming at Crisp from a different direction to ourselves, and wanting to reprint him! Well, whoever wants to spread the true gospel of Christ, 'peace be on them' (Galatians 6 v 16).

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