Thursday 16 August 2007

Wedding Bells

It seems to be that time of the year -weddings, weddings, weddings. Some big, some small. Some wet, some dry. Some awkward, some cosy. But always a new beginning.

There are many books to help those getting married to seriously consider the commitment they are making. From the Banner of Truth booklet 'Whom Shall I Marry?' (Andrew Swanson, £1.00), and the easy to read 'Don't they make a lovely couple' (John & Ann Benton, Christian Focus Publications, £4.99) through to useful study guides such as 'No Longer Two' (Brian & Barbara Edwards, Day One Publications, £8.00). 'The Exemplary Husband' (Stuart Scott, Focus Publishing, £10.99) and 'The Excellent Wife' (Martha Peace, Focus Publishing, £9.99) are heavier reading looking in depth at the roles of the husband and wife.
'Marriage, The Mystery of Christ and the Church' (David J Engelsma, RFPA, £18.00) goes further and studies the doctrine of marriage and its reflection of the relationship between Christ and His Church.
Don't worry if you have been married a while - it is never too late to improve (or perhaps just to confirm that you really are the perfect spouse!).

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