Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Chapel

The slates are on, gutters finished and windows in. Work has now begun on the inside of the Chapel. There may not be a lot of external change from now on.


Anonymous said...

Your new chapel looks great, when do you think it will be opened for use?

We would love to be with you at the opening.


Malwyn & Mary

Anonymous said...

Well well it's my long lost father, Malwyn !

Rick said...

Does anyone read the comments on this page? If so, does anyone have an address for Malwyn Rowe who has commented on this page, or any other means of contact for him eg email or phone etc. Thanks in advance ☆

Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

Hello Rick. We have been in touch with the Rowes via the last email address we had for them to highlight to them your attempts to contact them. We will let you know if we hear anything back.

Rick said...

Hi there,
I guess you had no reply from the Malwyn,maybe he has rejected his 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren for good then, what a great Christian example !!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Malwyn (my dad) is still alive ?

Rick said...

Martin, let me know if you find out please,
brother Rick.