Tuesday 8 April 2008

Bundles of Joy

We've got six of these to be had during the month of April only. Don't get over excited, I'm not referring to babies - just books! But excitement is still an appropriate emotion when up to 40% can be saved on them.
Each bundle deal consists of three books, all related to a well known person. One of the three is always a biography/autobiography, then another is generally an easier/shorter read, before you get to something to really chew on.
So, in chronological order we have Martin Luther - some interestingly different books related to him. Read about the influence his wife had on him. John Bunyan, where we have made a selection mainly aimed at younger readers. Then the great Baptist theologian John Gill - includes a good little extract on Justification. Next comes William Gadsby, so much more to him than just a hymnwriter. Then stepping up to modern times, an introductory pack to Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Finally, a lady! Faith Cook has written much, but here you get the full mixture. One about herself, one work of fiction, and one about ten less well known christians.
Three of the bundles cost £12 each, and the other three cost £15 each. Go to our website front page and click onto the pdf file there to find out which costs which. http://www.christianbookshopossett.co.uk

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