Tuesday 29 April 2008

Still time yet!

Despite Lorna hastening us on into May already, I would remind you that there is enough of April yet to pick up a bundle deal.
Bundle 1 : John Bunyan is a super option at just £12, saving around 15% on the cost price if the 3 books were bought individually. It has been carefully put together for the younger age range, as an introduction to the 'must-read' man. You have the whole of Pilgrim's Progress as well as the Holy War in the bundle, together with a easy biography from the Lutterworth Press 'Faith and Fame' series.The classic books are by no means merely childish just because they have been put into modern English. Of course nothing can match the original for literary style, but at least the truths Bunyan was wanting to communicate through his metaphorical artistry remain. Another group who might benefit from these books are those for whom English is a second language. This is increasingly so in our society.
Get in there quick!

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