Thursday 3 April 2008

Sickness, Suffering and Scripture

When I began to read this book I was disappointed. Somehow it wasn't what I expected from a book with this title. More than half the book is long Scripture quotations which I always question the value of (especially when they are in a version you are not familiar with) - are readers so lazy that they won't get a Bible out?
Half an hour later I had to sheepishly admit, that yes I am probably one of those readers and that by the time I was 2 chapters into this book I realised the benefit of having the Bible passages quoted in full. Leyshon's comments after each quotation are nothing more than an outline of thoughts and considerations on the Bible passage and then pointers for further thought. But they are well thought out outlines, not difficult to assimilate and certainly worthy of careful reflection. I could imagine the book being well used in small Bible study groups - it includes all the material you need. In fact, having now read the blurb on the back of the book - sometimes useful to read before judging the book ;-) , I realise that it is indeed intended for small Bible study groups! So it does do what it says on the (back) cover.
Sickness, Suffering & Scripture by David Leyshon, £5



PeterinScotland said...

I sat under David Leyshon's ministry for a few weeks/months while I was at college. I found him to have a very clear and simple analytical, yet enthusiastic, way of putting things. Some people reckon you have to appeal directly to the heart in preaching. Rather I found that David's style reached my heart/emotions through my mind.

Does the book say where he is now? I believe he went to France after he left the ministry of Hope Baptist Church, Crosskeys, through ill health.

Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

The author blurb says that 'In 1997 he retired from full-time pastoral work due to the onset of Parkinson's Disease. He now lives in Guingamp, Brittany, France, where he is a member of a local Evangelical Church.'