Tuesday 2 December 2008

It's a gift!

For those that don't know, our AV block calendar is the only daily tear-off calendar in publication which purely has a Scripture quote from the Authorised (KJV) Version with no other verse or meditation. That may sound a pretty bold statement, but we believe it to be true. In fact if it wasn't we wouldn't produce it! It is really a labour of love (especially when the traditional KJV Bible is becoming less and less popular), but we know from many testimonies that it is spiritually profitable, and has been over many years. So, every year someone amongst our circle of family/friends is asked to choose 365 scripture portions for the calendar and they have often commented on how good it is for them to do this.

The other unique thing about our calendar is that it is doublesided - you don't have to choose which picture you prefer because you will get both! Perfect for indecisive people because you can simply turn the calendar around halfway through the year and you get to enjoy both pictures for 6 months each!

It is also worth mentioning that if you buy the 2009 calendar for yourself or as a gift for anyone, you are really getting value for money. As you tear off each text throughout the year you will come across Loyalty Vouchers and other hidden treasures qualifying you for extra discounts on books from the shop. Search for yourself - it's a gift at only £6.95!


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