Monday 8 December 2008

William Mason

"Many complain of bad memories. They cannot remember many things. They cannot retain things long. Here then is the one thing needful. Here is but one short, gospel work for your memory. 'Remember that Jesus Christ was raised up from the dead' 2 Tim 2:8. Exercise your memory upon this. Clothe your memory with this. For this finishing stroke contains the whole of thy Lord's blessed and joyful works, from his birth in the ignoble stable, until his ascension to his kingdom in glory. O clothe your memory constantly with the joy of this, that the eternal Son of the eternal Father became an infant of days, lived to be a man of years, died as an accursed malefactor, bearing our sins, the guilt of our sins, the curse of our sins, all the wrath due to our sins, and all the penalties which our sins deserved, in his own blessed and innocent body on the tree. That he, the true scape-goat, carried all our sins away into the land of forgetfulness. Hence, thus saith your God and Father, 'Your sins and your iniquities, I will remember no more' Jeremiah 31:34. 'Though your sins and your iniquities be sought for, they shall not be found.' Jeremiah 1:20. You cannot; but at times remember your sins. It is fit you should to humble you, and to cause you to remember the love of Jesus, who bore them, suffered for them, and has taken them all away, O then remember that, Jesus was raised again from the dead."

Quoted from 'The Believer's Pocket Companion or The One Thing Needful To Make Poor Sinners Rich & Miserable Sinners Happy' by William Mason (1719-1791).
Available in a small hardback for £7.95 or a paperback for £4.50

I would also recommend Mason's Spiritual Treasury (Morning and Evening Portions), as an excellent way to start and end the day (2 vol set for £16.95).

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