Tuesday 7 April 2009

John Gill on Justification

A few years back the Gospel Standard Trust published an extract from John Gill's Body of Divinity. The aim was to make John Gill's rather complex writings more accessible to the layman. Gill's words and punctuation have not been changed but his extensive references to the original languages have mostly been omitted and the text has been broken up with sub-headings. To those who love the truths that John Gill stood for, but have never actually tried to read his writings, this little paperback is a real help. To those who slate John Gill's writings, but have never actually tried to read them, I suggest this as a good place to start.
This quote is taken from 'The effects of Justification'...

"Acceptance with God through Christ follows upon justification by his righteousness; there can be no acceptance with God upon the foot of a man's own righteousness, which cannot render him acceptable to God; but through the righteousness of Christ there is an acceptance both of persons and services; first of persons and then of services; as God had respect to Abel, and so to his offering, and accepted it; so he has respect to the persons of his justified ones, as considered in Christ; he has respect to him, and is well pleased with him, and with all that are in him; they are accepted of God in the beloved, being clothed with the robe of his righteousness, and the garments of his salvation; and their services being done in the strength of Christ, and through faith in him, and to the glory of God by him, and their spiritual sacrifices being offered up by him their great high-priest, they become acceptable to God through him."

At only £3.25, I don't think anyone could find an excuse not to read it.
Justification, Sinners Righteous in Christ by John Gill, published by Gospel Standard Trust Publications, £3.25

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