Wednesday 8 April 2009

Our April 3 for 2 Offer

We are doing the widely publicised IVP 3 for 2 offer, which finishes at the end of this month. But we have added some others to the list of books available on the offer. See our pdf file on our website at There's some great money saving bundles you can make up for yourselves here.
One book within this offer I have just read and would recommend is the one pictured here. I always knew the subject of this biography as John Wycliffe, but it seems Wicliffe is the spelling preferred by some experts. It is only a shortish 100 page booklet. However, although famous as the C14th English Bible translator, there is very little in print about him so far as I know. This is reprinted with illustrations from a C19th work by David Deane (anyone know of him?) It makes the most of the scanty personal information surviving from such an early period. It also very helpfully sets out the general historical scene of the time, as well as the state of things in the Church. I think this would be an ideal present for young people aged (roughly) 11 years upwards, and a good Sunday School prize. But this is not to pigeonhole it or detract from its general profit for all readers. We live in times when the state church is in little better state than the one he fearlessly opposed for its corrupt doctrine and practices. Once again the Bible is set aside and visual media exalted in its place 'to make the gospel more accessible' (!) The wandering friars of Wycliffe's day entertained the gullible people with idle stories in order to fill their purses. Does this sound rather familiar? 'The Morning Star of the Reformation' carries a pressing message for today - "Preach the word" (2 Timothy 4:2). We must do battle with it.
'John Wicliffe. The Morning Star of the Reformation' ISBN 9781880960431 is published by SMF International from St Louis in the USA and costs £3.95 from us.

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