Friday 7 August 2009

Empty Arms

What a heart-rending story about a 'normal' family who suffered the sudden death of a 2yr old girl. As such, it is an intensely personal story, and the author, the mother Keren Baker, makes it clear that grief manifests itself in a range of emotions which are different for each person. The book is essentially a practical one but with spiritual applications that Keren found helpful in those early days of bereavement. Whether you have walked the path of bereavement or not, I feel this book is helpful because it is so practical. From funeral arrangements to scrapbooks, from timeout to keeping busy, from studying God's Word, to singing hymns through tears. As Keren says, none of us know how we might react in a similar situation, but she gives advice on how we can be helpful to others who may suffer this difficult trial. There were snippets of information about how the other children in the family grieved and acknowledgement that her husband grieved very differently - I would have liked to have known more, but at the same time, felt that Keren had already opened up so much of her heart that I could hardly expect more from someone who had suffered such heartbreak only 3 years ago.
I pray that the Lord will continue to uphold this family as they continue their journey.
Empty Arms - A Mother's Journey Through Grief to Hope, by Keren Baker, published by Evangelical Press in a small hardback, £7.95

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