Thursday 6 August 2009

The Invincible Refugees

Another great historical story by Beth Coombe Harris! Set in the times of the persecution of Huguenot's in seventeenth century France, the fiction is good and interspersed with true events. It is encouraging and fascinating to know of times when Huguenots were instrumental in the conversion of their persecutors. From the conversion stories of the various characters to the simple family conversations and the careful parental guidance in spiritual and practical matters, the spiritual content is thoroughly sound and much profit can be gained from the book.
In comparison to Deborah Alcock - another great author of historical fiction - I think Beth Coombe Harris suits a slightly younger reader, the fiction is a little predictable (for an adult) and the historical information is not as detailed as Deborah Alcock. I would highly recommend Beth Coombe Harris to a young reader (10+yrs, depending on reading ability) who is interested in history. A friend has suggested that this particular book by Beth Coombe Harris is the best she wrote.
The Invincible Refugees, by Beth Coombe Harris, published by Gospel Mission, £6.95

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