Saturday 18 September 2010

Crushed yet Conquering

Crushed yet Conquering is a historical novel based on John Huss and the Hussite Wars. Although placed in our 11+ section I would hesitate to recommend this book to someone of such a young age.  It is a typical Deborah Alcock story, accurately historical, spiritually sound and a gripping read.  My reservations are only because the first part of the story dwells on John Huss and his theology in some detail using his writings at length to describe his defence before the 'Holy' Council and his eventual martyrdom at the stake.  This section takes some ploughing through at times, but is helped by the fictional story woven around it and becomes an easier read as the Hussite wars following the death of Huss are described.  I certainly learnt a lot about the history of this time and the theology of the Church as it was developing in the period leading up to the Reformation.
Crushed yet Conquering by Deborah Alcock, published by Inheritance Publications, £12.50

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