Monday 20 September 2010

Reading Initiative Award

I don't want to embarrass him, but I think that David Farrow deserves recognition in the field of christian literacy. He is so keen to encourage good reading. The pastor of Hethersett Reformed Baptist Church in Norfolk, he naturally has a concern for the spiritual education and nurturing of his flock in that remote spot. But beyond this he is striving with might and main to encourage the reading of sound books through his websites (yes, plural) as well as his blog. He has exchanged ideas with us and the result is the start up of a 'Book of the Month' feature on his church website. This is not intended so much to highlight new titles as to bring profitable ones to the forefront. We wish him well, and that many will benefit from reading his short monthly reviews. As you will see from checking out the links below he is proud to be a Norfolkman through and through, although secondary to his heavenly citizenship by grace. That is the subject of his first book 'The Christian's High Calling' by Maurice Roberts (Free Church Continuing, former editor of the Banner of Truth magazine).

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