Saturday 11 August 2012

Martin Luther

I just noticed this Martin Luther quote on my calendar
'We no more earn heaven by good works than babies earn their food and drink by crying and howling'
It sounds like classic 'no beating about the bush' Luther to me & made me smile because I have just spent the last hour immersed in Luther's commentary on Galatians and it is full of comments like this. Our online ladies reading club is coming to the end of this commentary on Galatians, it has taken us over a year to steadily work through, but I for one have enjoyed getting to grips with this incredible author who went through so much in his efforts to reform the church. He is amazingly easy to read so don't be put off trying him out.  If you fancy joining our reading club please let me know... we will shortly be choosing a new book to tackle so this would be a good point to get involved.

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