Tuesday 14 August 2012

Perfect Holiday Reading!

Those of you who received our August Bulletin have obviously been impressed by our recommended holiday reading for this year because we have now sold out of all the Pocket Puritans we had on offer! 
Read the full bulletin here if you haven't already seen it (the trailblazers are still available).
So, to compensate for those who feel they may have missed out, I have rooted around and found some more Pocket Puritans that don't look in tip top condition.  These can go at the bargain price of £2 too!

Repent and Believe! by Thomas Brooks (1 copy available)
Pastoral Ministry by Richard Baxter (1 copy available)
A Way to Pray by Matthew Henry (2 copies available)
Binge Drinking by John Flavel (3 copies available)

Happy Holidays!

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