Friday 17 August 2012

Perfect Timing!

I'm really chuffed that we have just received our new stock of Cruciform Press books - just in time for me to add them to my holiday reading pile! 
In this batch of books we have added 3 new titles to our Cruciform Press stock - this is in response to direct requests from our customers so we hope you will enjoy them. 

Servanthood as Worship - The privilege of life in a local Church by Nate Palmer. 
This is a book which looks not at leadership in the church but at the role of the 'normal' member and their calling to serve within their local church setting.

Intentional Parenting - Family discipleship by Design by Ted Thompson.  The blurb says...

Many books involving family life and child training are well worth reading.  This is not one of these books.  This book will allow you to take what you have read, and all the sermons, teachings, and exhortations you have received on family discipleship, and make sense of it.

This sounds like just the book for me!

Awaiting a Saviour - The gospel, the new creation and the end of poverty by Aaron Armstrong.
This one looks to be an interesting read about the opportunities and limitations of ministry to the poor.  Pastor Dave Kraft writes...

Awaiting a Saviour brings a fresh approach to the world-wide problem of poverty.  It is gospel-driven, Jesus-centred, and gets at the real but often overlooked cause of poverty... it is a solid theological treatment of what poverty really stems from and how to see it within a biblical framework.

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All I need now is to head off to Wales & find a cosy caravan to hole up in with my pile of books.

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