Tuesday 13 November 2012

To send or not to send?

My question this morning is - will you be cutting down your Christmas card list?  With the price of postage costs rocketing I made the assumption that Joe Bloggs would send fewer Christmas cards this year. Sensibly (or so I thought) I slightly reduced my stock level of Christmas cards so that I wouldn't have hundreds left over after Christmas.  Well, it seems to me that Joe Bloggs has decided his friends are worth the extra postage pennies and he is continuing to buy his Christmas cards at a rate of knots.  Consequently here we are in mid November & I am already running low on stock of Christmas cards.  For those customers out there who haven't already bought their cards I am interested to know if you intend to or not!  I have some lovely card suppliers who are perfectly willing to top up my stock of Christmas cards, so don't worry, the cards will be here if you want them.  But if you don't, I want to save some money too!
Let me know...

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