Monday 9 July 2007


I'm enjoying reading through 'African Adventures' to the boys at the moment. It's well above their reading age (Matthew is 4, Euan 2), but the chapter lengths are about right to retain their attention. They are fascinated to hear about lions etc, and I'm learning about the Turkana tribe in northern Kenya who the writer Dick Anderson evidently worked amongst as a missionary doctor. The story reminds me a bit of the 'Adventure' books written by Willard Price which I read avidly as a boy, and there is also a similarity to the Jungle Doctor books but with a clearer Christian message woven into it. I recommend it. I look forward to moving on to the other books in the same series done by Christian Focus. The first they did was 'Rainforest Adventures' I believe, which on glancing through looked better if anything. There is a wealth of education here for all via family reading - everyone will take in something at their own level. A friend has also read 'Great Barrier Reef Adventures' and liked it. We find they are popular for Sunday School prizes if those who look out books for this purpose in our shop are anything to go by.

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