Monday 30 July 2007

More on 'Divine Energy'

Just in case you were wondering, the reason I haven't submitted a longer review of this book (see June post) is because it has sold so energetically that I have been forced to forego my copy, until we get more in. It's true! I did get two thirds of the way through however, and have to say that it is definitely study reading material. Skepp is very precise and advances his subject incrementally, although it can be hard to keep hold of the overall thread with all his sub-divisions. Firstly, he explores the state of man after the Fall in order to show the full depth of that fall. The deceitfulness of the heart above all things, with its desperate wickedness, is exhaustively dealt with. One point I would make here is that I have reservations with his dogmatic approach re the elements making up the 'heart'. It smacks of an 18th century view of psychology, and although I am in full sympathy with his conclusions, I feel he could have got to them more simply. Secondly, Skepp moves more positively Godward in his governing text - 'the exceeding greatness of his power' (Ephesians 1 v 19). This is good, and I feel I'm now onto the best part of the book. It all concludes with a very profitable application section, pastoral and gracious in its spirit. I hope I haven't been too premature in my comments. I know I have been measuring it by a high standard because it has been valued by many whose judgments are to be respected. Without doubt it is good to have this book available again - it is God honouring in an area where there is much weakness in Christian teaching today, self-styled Calvinists included.

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