Thursday 5 July 2007

Doctor Adrian by Deborah Alcock

This was my third book of the holiday last week and for a couple of days, I'm afraid Jeremy got very little conversation out of me. I just couldn't put it down! Okay, it is in the 'Young People' section of the shop, but I can unashamedly say that it was perfectly suitable for someone of my own age (uhem, 30-ish). Reminiscent of G A Henty, this book weaves a fictional story around a certain 'Dr Adrian' into the factual events of the sixteenth century persecution of Protestants in The Netherlands. It tells of the conversion of Dr Adrian and his contact with William, Prince of Orange. The theology underpinning the story line is soundly reformed and there are many moral and spiritual lessons to be learnt through following the distressing events of these times and how the characters involved dealt with them. This book is evidently suitable for a wide age range as Jeremy reckons he was only 12 yrs old when he read it!

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