Tuesday 17 July 2007

Unsearchable Riches

'Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you'
What a perfect rest do we get when on coming to the Lord Jesus we take His yoke upon us, the yoke which He Himself ever wore, and which He now lovingly imposes upon all His people. O, it is an easy yoke and a light burden. Love joyfully accepts what INFINITE LOVE imposes. We then are satisfied in knowing that every interest of ours is unspeakably precious to Him: that every hair is counted: every tear put into His bottle, and that every sigh is noted. Nothing can harm those whom He keeps as the apple of His eye. Our one and only danger is, that we begin to plan for ourselves, and thus virutally take ourselves out of His hands. He will bring us at whatever cost of suffering to us, to commit ourselves ABSOLUTELY to His loving and perfectly trusted hands.
Extract from 'Unsearchable Riches' by John Dickie,
(19th Century Scottish evangelist and tract writer)

I started this book back in June on our holiday and have since used it as daily readings because of its short chapters and devotional nature. John Dickie spent the majority of his life in ill-health, and this book contains the short meditations and letters he wrote to friends during his times of affliction. Well worth careful reading.

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An encouraging 'word in season', Lorna.