Saturday 15 September 2007

Apples of Gold

This series of booklets, published by Zoar Publications in the 1970's, are real gems. On many occasions we have had customers testify to the spiritual profit they have found in them. One local customer talked of finding one of these booklets in a little Christian Bookshop in the middle of nowhere in the US!
Indeed, when they were first published they were sent in good quantities all over the world. Jeremy remembers watching his Dad pack these booklets up in big boxes addressed to Kalamazoo (MI, USA). His father and Mr David Oldham formed Zoar Publications with a vision to publish puritan writings in small booklets making them accessible to many. Mr Oldham prepared and printed them, and his father distributed them. In total about 16 booklets were published, some of which are now out of print. They also published 2 bound volumes of which only Volume 1 is still available.
I recently read 'It is Well' by John Hill and found it very good. Hill writes clearly on the subject of submission to the will of God in a typically structured puritan style. He examines what submission is, what the foundations of submission are, the fruits of submission, faith and submission, and helps to submission. I would recommend this booklet, particularly to anyone who feels to be walking a difficult path. Although it is now out of print as an individual booklet, Volume 1 includes it and at only £6 it is a bargain at the price.
Volume 1 includes:
Mason's Sayings - John Mason
Everlasting Mercy - Thomas Adams (now out of print as an individual booklet)
It is Well - John Hill (ditto)
Honey Out of the Rock - Thomas Willcox
Divine Meditations - Richard Sibbes (ditto)
The Christian on Watch - Thomas Gataker
Heart Surgery - Robert Bolton
Christ's Pre-eminence - Tobias Crisp

To check which booklets are still available individually, go to Zoar Publications on our site.

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