Tuesday 25 September 2007

Dr Jean Henri Merle D'Aubigne

Lorna mentioned Banner of Truth's new book 'Let Christ be Magnified' in a post on 07/09/07. Having now read it, I am in the main, enthusiastic about it. I am full of admiration for the man who was chosen to give an address to a gathering in Geneva 300 years after John Calvin's death, and yet avoided eulogising him. The subject was 'Calvin's teaching for today.' D'Aubigne quite quickly gets via Calvin to Christ, and to his glory under the headings: his Word, his Person, his Grace, and his Life. He lectured as one who knew the doctrines of grace called Calvinism for himself, by personal experience. Indeed, this comes out in the very useful publisher's preface about D'Aubigne himself. He was affected by listening to Robert Haldane speaking from the Epistle to the Romans on the corruption of human nature, and said to him afterwards, 'Now I see that doctrine in the Bible.' The retort was, 'Yes, but do you see it in your heart?' This led to his conversion. He went on to be a professor in Calvin's city, and his 'History of Protestantism in Europe in the time of Calvin' is said to be the most widely circulated book on church history in its English translations/derivatives. (Sadly not to me any further than to see it!)
Banner seem to be generally better with their 'new-old' publications these days, than with those that have contemporary authors.

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