Saturday 1 September 2007

Three cheers for the volunteers!!!

They say one volunteer is worth ten pressed men. I agree absolutely. We are blessed with not one, but a handful of unassuming people who willingly and sacrificially give of their time and energies to support the bookshop. Their work is not glamorous, but they see it as a ministry to the Lord. You have them to thank for independent christian bookshops like ours still having a presence on the high street, as well as able to reach out much further afield. One lady here has personally folded no less than 1000 of our latest flyers and placed them in envelopes! These are an important way of informing people that we still exist, and have something to offer. (By the way, if you don't receive one this month just ask). Another lady is assembling the text blocks for next year's calendar, and soon will be tying on the hanger ribbon. This just shows the DIY nature of the production of the AV Calendar in its finishing stage. That means the price can be pegged back to last year's. (Those who know nothing about this daily tear-off text calendar of ours - please get the flyer!) Other people do admin, window displays, cleaning, baby-holding (a great favourite), and packing. I don't know what we'd do without them.

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