Wednesday 16 January 2008

An Anthology

Wow, the version of Winter virus that hit me really knocked me for six. I'm just about getting back to my feet and hoping to be running at full speed again in time for our Special Sale Week next week. Whilst lying lethargically around I picked up a copy of Grace Magazine and my eye was caught by a review of 'The Dawn of Heaven Breaks' (edited by Sharon James). The review was very positive and made me want a better look at the book (trouble is that sometimes we overflow with new books coming in and some get no more than a cursory glance before they go on the shelf). Subtitled 'Anticipating Eternity' the book is an anthology put together for the elderly. I have to admit that anthologies aren't really my 'thing', but I found myself getting quite stuck in to this one. Hymns, writings and quotations, some practical, some spiritual are grouped together in themes such as 'times of illness and pain', 'aging', and 'facing death'. One of the pieces was written by a pastor about his experience of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's and how this affected him as his condition worsened. Very poignant but also incredibly informative for us all - particularly those that work closely with the elderly. The book also ends with some helpful notes which give further details about some of the extracts for those that want to read more.
The Dawn of Heaven Breaks - Sharon James (ed) - £7.95

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