Thursday 10 January 2008

Thanksgiving Service

We have much to be thankful to the Lord for. The bookshop reaching 25 years old is a milestone indeed, but there is another cause which has no less claim on our attention. I refer to the provision of the new chapel next door. On Saturday at 3pm the Shop will close whilst we join the Thanksgiving Service which has been arranged in the Ebenezer Particular Baptist Chapel, although it is due to open again afterwards to satisfy public demand! The chapel stands as a testimony to what can be achieved when we walk by faith and not by sight and people have a will to give sacrificially to the Lord. No fund raising has been employed over the last 4 years since the decision was made to go ahead. But Saturday's service is intended to glorify God, not Man, nor indeed the distinctly 'non-churchy' building, for He has brought all things to pass. Everyone who has a heart to echo Psalm 126 v 2 'the LORD hath done great things for them,' is welcome to meet with us then, and indeed at usual Sunday services at 11am and 6pm, if free to do so.

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Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

Just a post event report. About 100attended - the chapel was full. Everyone seemed very positive about the service which included an account of the Lord's leadings in the building project and the amazing way in which funds have been provided. Tea was served at the Kingsway Centre 100m away, which became the meeting place for services during the 7 mth construction phase.