Saturday 13 October 2007

C H Spurgeon

For all those who enjoy the writings of C H Spurgeon, we have just taken stock of another 4 titles of his...

The Complete John Ploughman combines John Ploughman's Talk and John Ploughman's Pictures. They give answers to common questions of the day on doctrine and behaviour as explained by a ploughman to his wayward audience. p/b, £7.99.

The Suffering Letters of Spurgeon give a unique insight into Spurgeon's life. p/b £6.95.

Devotional Thoughts on the Bible - The Pentateuch. Spurgeon's expositions of Scripture given as he read biblical passages before preaching are mini sermons in themselves and ideally suited to daily reading. Once published in one volume, they are now being republished as a series of paperbacks. £9.95.

Spurgeon's Sermons on Prayer. h/b, £11.95


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