Saturday 20 October 2007

Caring for Life

What an incredible story 'The Deafening Sound of Silent Tears' tells. It is the story of Caring for Life and the work that they do among the homeless in Leeds. This book was lent to me by one of our regular customers but I intend to get it on our shelves asap. Caring for Life is a very practical Christian charity - no aggressive evangelism accompanies its work, but loving, practical support - for life. The people they help have often experienced years of unimaginable abuse and hardship, many of them with learning difficulties or mental health problems. The charity works to re-house them, teach daily living skills, provide therapeutic activities and in some cases jobs on the farm which is at the centre of the charity's work. Each person becomes a part of the Caring for Life 'family' and therefore experiences through example, the desire of every Christian to 'Love one another, as I have loved you'.
They hold regular open days at the farm, so for anyone local, I would recommend going along - I certainly intend to.
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Clem Jackson said...

Lorna is right. This is an amazing book which impacted me greatly when I read it recently to review it for Christian Marketplace magazine. The book deserves to sell a million copies - because the royalties are all going to this amazing charity. So please buy it and promote it.

Anonymous said...

I also read this amazing book and thoroughly recommend it - what a wonderful work of God is being done by this charity. It certainly made me realise afresh how privileged my life is and how often this can be taken for granted. Save me a copy please Lorna when you have them in stock!