Wednesday 17 October 2007

Shop Repaint

External painting. I knew that it needed doing, but hoped it might go away if I ignored it. But on taking a closer examination of the state of the window sills, I realised that it wouldn't, and that because of my neglect more repair work was required than I had supposed. Thankfully a helping hand at just the right time has propelled us towards completion of the work within this week. I now just need to paint the door and it's job done thanks to the heroics of Lorna's Dad (who won't thank me for broadcasting his good deeds.) No vast change to the colour scheme though, so you'll still recognise us - a lighter grey all round, with a black (but hopefully not forbidding) door. We get so much dirt thrown up by the traffic on the road outside that even before the paint has chance to dry it looks dusty, hence the logic that grey shows it least! I admit a black door will show the dirt more, but we probably need to keep it cleaned more frequently anyway to give more welcoming signals out! Of course the shop will need to look spick and span inside and out for the ladies night coming up shortly - ask Lorna for details of how you could come and take advantage of superb deals on children's books.
We were granted a fine though cold day today, as you will see from the photo. Yes, the grey is the finished look and not another undercoat! Like it? Loathe it??

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