Wednesday 31 October 2007

1st November 2007 - Ladies Night

Well, what are men to make of a strictly ladies-only function at the bookshop? I feel left out: left to put the children to bed whilst they natter on about children's books (allegedly). No wonder rumblings of discontent have been heard from other quarters as well. Church leaders have even voiced suspicion, and this unrest has undoubtedly been increased by leaked details of the homemade cakes being provided. I can only hope that good sense will prevail amongst the men, and the ladies will not be forced into a lock-in situation! At least I should be well placed to get hold of leftovers next day, even if I have to hunt around the bookstands to find fragments...
Male griping aside, it promises to be a great evening. Bargains like 3 for 2 offers can't be passed over. If you're female, want to get your hands on quality children's books, and live north of Watford Gap, then 21 Queen Street, Ossett, WF5 8AS is the address to put in your Sat-Nav system to get to on Thursday evening from 7pm.

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